Re: The laugh of the year (probably but)

Posted by dogrock on Mar 03, 2002 at 20:36

Re: The laugh of the year (so far) (DA Morgan)

I get your point about vested interest. But have a problem about missing something on our doorstep because we are looking at the distanct hills. It was predicted in the past we would run out of food for all the people. What really killed them was not feeding them on our doorstep. I'm trying to emphasise we must be ready when a problem strikes us in the face, we won't be if we're already absorbed in responding to the possible, mightbe problems of tomorrow. I believe that everybody has a vested interest, even the scientists who can control us by telling us what we must do next. A policeman has a vested interest in catching a criminal, although judges still say why would a policeman lie as if he had no vested interest. Don't mean to belittle all the genuine people who believe we should be doing something about global warming, but people are dying a hunger everyday, there are immediate problems, maybe not scientific, but are they like people who predicted the end of the world since the world began.

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