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Posted by Ben on Mar 03, 2002 at 16:35

Re: It playing with everything (dogrock)

In the virtual universe, a general model of tree's falling is followed. At any given time, based on the model, there will be a certain number of trees that have fallen, that are falling, and that are about to fall.

The storage to record which particular tree's those are is not needed, as the general model can generate on the fly any particular scene of the forest that one of the simulation's residents may see.

Once a participant in the simulation has seen a particular part of the forest that is generated on-the-fly by the simulation, the memory of that part of the forest is recorded in his/hers personal data store (part of the simulation devoted to storing the participants brain and memories). The simulation, when that participant returns to that part of the forest, uses the participant's memories along with the on-the-fly scene generator to create a convincing analogue of what the participant saw before.

Since the simulation is using the participants own memories, even though to an 'outside' observer, the scene is noticably different, the participant in the simulation notices no differences at all. For example, though a tree that was on the left of the trail in the forest is now on the right, since the original participant didn't remember (even slightly) which side of the trail the tree was on, the fact that it changed sides will not cause him/her to question the reality of the scene.

If an outside observer were to watch the scene as the participant interacted with it, he/she would notice that it was somewhat insubstantial, that the bark patterns on the trees changed on every glance, and that the patterns of twigs and leaves seemed to shift and change as the participant changed the direction of his gaze. It would not be convincing to us, but it would be perfectly convincing to him or her.

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