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Posted by Dale on Mar 02, 2002 at 09:02

Re: gravity (dogrock)

Do objects shrink in the direction of motion as Einstein says,

Sure seems like they do.

if so, does it affect their motion in a straight line through space.

Why would it?

Do they shrink from this direction and find a wave motion is the quickest way to travel because of forces within themselves affected by high speed.

Most of them just sit on the train reading their paper. Their minds are numb.

If a rock was traveling at half the speed of light and was shrunk by this, would it rotate to even the forces throughtout its structure, would it curve.

Does a train rotate on the tracks to “even the forces throughtout its structure”? No, it just contemplates the ignorance of the rocks in the back reading their papers.

If a rock behaves this way then setting something in motion in space does not guarantee it will travel in a straight line even if no forces are acting on it.

Depends on what is on page 6.

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