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Posted by bobbapink on Mar 01, 2002 at 17:33

Re: Speaking of AC/DC (Mike Kremer)

Theres no point in taking it apart Bobbapink

But I must! And I did. It was a weighty (for its size) little black plastic cube of about 1 ci in size. I suspect it did contain a very small transformer and regulator circuit. No other electronic components, other than a LED, were apparent. I even got it back together (minus one screw that fell down the sink drain. Note to self disassemble things at the kitchen table, not bathroom sink [even though you DID find your screwdriver in the medicine cabinet.])

I wonder how long your previous shaver lasted? Or more to the point, how many times did you re-charge it?

It lasted about 7 years. I was pissed when I opened it up and saw how much trouble changing the batteries would be. They were of odd size and shape and soldered in place. Can't do that these days, as the law requires them to be recycled or "properly" disposed of.

Follow the manf: recomendation for the first from new charge (prob 10 hours max) Then continue to use your shaver (for three weeks?) without ever recharging it!

Manufacture claims it cannot be overcharged. I buy that. A simple circuit could cut the charging current once maximum charge is sensed.

When it slows down you can continue that particular shave by plugging it into the mains. Then, recharge for prehaps a max of three hours. (never more) Use for another 3 weeks....and repeat. Your shaver will last for many years.
You did'nt say what type it is -rotary? or a reciprocating blade under a foil?

Rotary. But i doubt it will last "many" years. My first electric lasted 15 years (non-rechargeable just made a sad little coughing noise and died mid-whisker - wouldn't let go either - ouch!) My second lasted 7 years. This one should therefore last 3 years if the trend continues.

Hey! That's progress for you.

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