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Posted by Mike Kremer on Mar 01, 2002 at 15:46

Re: Speaking of AC/DC (Dale)

Theres no point in taking it apart Bobbapink
I wonder how long your previous shaver lasted? Or more to the point, how many times did you re-charge it?
Follow the manf: recomendation for the first from new charge (prob 10 hours max) Then continue to use your shaver (for three weeks?) without ever
recharging it! When it slows down you can continue that particular shave by plugging it into the mains. Then, recharge for prehaps a max of three hours. (never more) Use for another 3 weeks....and repeat. Your shaver will last for many years.
You did'nt say what type it is -rotary? or a reciprocating blade under a foil?
Reciprocating (noisy) use the AC magnetism to throw the blade under a thin foil.
Rotary, are usually able to charge at the same time as shaving. Therefore a half wave bridge
giving 'dirty DC' into a very small step down Transrmr, then into a DC transistor chopper, the out-put being 4 volts (dirty DC) to charge the NiCd's. Or some similar combin.
I wish you many years to use it

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