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Posted by bobbapink on Feb 28, 2002 at 19:52

Re: You’re on the waiting list (Dale)

I had to buy a new electric rechargeable razor today. The old one's batteries no longer take a charge and upon taking the thing apart, it didn't seem cost effective to attempt to replace them.

Anyway, the new one I bought was also a rechargeable but unlike the old one, came with a cord that plugged directly into the outlet without a step-down transformer one generally finds at the plug end.

Thing is, the razor itself doesn't feel heavy or large enough to contain a transformer. I'm tempted to take it apart to see how they did that. It's been charging now for about six hours and danged if it's even warm so i don't think it's bleeding the voltage through a load resistor and voltage regulator.

temptation at it's best.

to disassemble or not to disassemble, THAT is the question.

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