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Posted by dogrock on Feb 28, 2002 at 15:31

Re: May I join? (bobbapink)

I'm not in any hurry to see the rocks end in a crash, they could be have been travelling as long as the earth or moon, their attraction for each other would be infantisimal even if they were the size of mountains, the main thing drawing them together would be some unseen objects. Tracing the path of planets or rocks through space is a wave I think, thats how things orbit, they don't actually back up and go around each other, but always move forward, I think in a wave like motion. If the rocks travelled in this same way they could orbit each other as they travel. The distant object pulling the rocks would not pull them in an idealised striaght line, it shouldn't make them spin, which most do. I'm suggesting the rocks themselves are affected by the speed of travel, maybe shrinking in the direction of motion, could this affect the path they take?, causing them to curve this way and that over the millions of years of travel, would they appear to orbit each other on these curves. If you lived on the rock and saw them orbiting you could not explain the attraction physically. I lot of things about gravity suggest accelleration or change of direction of motion, the pull idea seems to me purely mathematical. A recent article I read suggested there is no such thing as pull, that essentially what appears as a pull is a push, but this last sentence might not really be relevent to the discussion. I want to imagine the rocks travelling 'forever' for the purpose of this argument

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