Re: Lobby group wants insulin inquiry

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mara on Feb 28, 2002 at 11:51

Re: Lobby group wants insulin inquiry (Dale)

re: the last paragraph

i don't think companies print money in the basement.

it seems to me that if companies spend some of the alloted advertising money to continue producing 'old insulin' for the 250 or so people that it was suggested that need it, then that would be good advertising for the company.

can not advertising be considered an investment that promotes a company's positive 'image' as well as producing a financial return?

if the number of people who use 'old insulin' is small, and the process has been used before and does not require new nethodology or materials, it doesn't seem that it would be too much money to promote the company's positive public relations.

supplying a new product that required a lot of research and development would be another topic, but 'old insulin' has had previous production, it is not a new product.

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