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Posted by Natalie L. Smith on Feb 28, 2002 at 09:05

Re: No, that's better (dogrock)

I have been reading this thread just itching to make responses, but holding back because this is not one of those "words" problems, it is more of a "drawings" problem. I decided it would only lead to frustration to be discussing this and unable to express what I want to say with a drawing. BUT, I will say this. If two objects, A and B, are each being pulled (accelerated) towards some center mass, C, then, since gravitational field lines converge as they approach the mass C, the two objects A and B are, de facto, also accelerating towards each other. Are you pointing out that this mimics gravity? Yes and no. They are accelerating towards each other, but the rate of that acceleration will be affected by the mass of C, the central gravitating object. If the two objects A and B were accelerating towards each other on the strength of their own gravity, the rate would depend on only their own masses (and distance apart).

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