Re: i still don't get it.

Posted by dogrock on Feb 27, 2002 at 18:48

Re: i still don't get it. (bobbapink)

If two rocks and traveling side by side through space at an emormous speed it would take some little pressure to separate them because of their own momentum in a straight line. Having pushed them off that line of direction they would readjust to a new line, taking in the varous gravitational affects on them. Since the affects would be similar on both, and if both had been pushed off with the same force, it is highly probable they would stay close, maybe cross over each other, maybe eventually come together again, If this did happen it wouldn't be attraction for each other but their paths through space would be similar. If one was a planet and the other a stone, you would have to take the stone very far away for it to find a path that didn't crash into the planet, like outerspace from earth. Maybe no better this time?

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