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Posted by bobbapink on Dec 29, 2001 at 08:56
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Re: Depleted Uranium dangers (Richard Stover)

Depleted Uranium IS a heavy metal and being such, isn't likely to be good for you, but a ten-fold increase in birth defects!? Yea, right.

So, while this guy ain't completely full of ...it...he's sure got an agenda. Notice he says that the DU is 60% as radioactive as "natural occuring uranium" Well, that ain't very radioactive then. And given the quantities we're talking about, I doubt it raises much over the static of background radiation anyway.

Still, because of the potential toxicity, i wouldn't want a couple-hundred tons of the stuff in my back yard so i think Iíll forgo invading my next-door neighbor and pissing off his well-armed pals, who just happen to stockpile the stuff just for situations such as those.

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