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Re: On Second Thought Bobba this is Difficult Stuff (Eudaemonic Pie)

in case you didn't notice, at the very bottom of the page is a notice telling you about the text.

In short, it's just random gibberish strung together by a computer program. Each time you visit the page, it's different gibberish.

Even knowing this however, i still find myself trying to make sense of if. Sometimes i can get just a glimmer of insight from the garble, sort of like watching a TV channel that's just static.

odd huh?

On a different (yet same) note, here's a site strictly for Corporate types who want to put together a new business proposal, prospect, or policy.

Click here

Here's an example...

This new policy (plan, proposal, prospect, whatever) will:

facilitate global markets
seize open-source paradigms
target intuitive content
disintermediate transparent metrics
drive impactful communities
synergize dot-com applications
integrate distributed e-tailers
extend innovative e-commerce
optimize scalable vortals
aggregate B2C deliverables
transition mission-critical experiences
transition front-end e-commerce

Great fun for the lifeless.

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