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Posted by bobbapink on Feb 26, 2002 at 14:28

Re: Dale Question - but others feel free (Dale)

Loved your analysis. Yes, I asked only about production costs because I knew that distribution was the real killer…er, cost wise. Actually, not just cost wise as I suspect falling power lines kills lots of folk (not to mention evil EMF-induced leukemia :-) ) Anyway, I hadn’t anticipated you would eliminate that problem as well – but I should have :-) . So much for copper futures! But what do you do with all those 100-year-old burned out generators?

Still, it works for me. BTW, couldn’t you eventually eliminate the need for the DC/AC converter? Most electronic equipment just converts it back to DC, other things (like toasters and light bulbs) don’t really care and what’s left could easily be redesigned. AC will likely become just an artifact of the bad-ol’-days when we had to pay the evil power companies.

OK. I’ll take two; one for me and one for my wife’s blow dryer (she’s going through a big-hair phase and it constantly pops the gfi breaker).

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