Re: Lobby group wants insulin inquiry

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marq on Feb 26, 2002 at 11:44

Re: Lobby group wants insulin inquiry (Dale)

i wrote: 'some people are allergic to penicilin, they die from it'.

you wrote that there are other antibiotics, this is so. but, if one doesn't know they are allergic,
namely, the first time that they use penicillin, that can be a deadly problem.

with the insulin, people know they are allergic.

you then write about automobiles and helicoptering in food, and i fail to follow that reasoning.

i wrote a comment about the possibility of using some advertising money for producing 'old insulin'.

you wrote 'so you don't think there is any value in advertising.'

i most emphatically did not write that i didn't think there was any value to advertising, i merely suggested that some of the money used for advertising be used for the production of 'old insulin'.

since i use a computer at the library, my time is limited and i won't respond to the public relations and cost-benefit statements.

you write that you are 'back to survival of the fittest.'
i hope you stay fit forever.

i am in the process of clarifying my theory so that it can be proved.
you may be the 34th to know about it.

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