Re: Superconductivity- Oxygen drips Upwards

Posted by Mike Kremer on Feb 22, 2002 at 21:38

Re: Superconductivity- Oxygen drips Upwards (Dale)

Hehe, Yes I was going to mention the levitating Frog, as we discussed him on this forum a while back, but I felt sorry for him at the time and feel better leaving him out of the discussion.
Re the "impossible" I was actually thinking
Hydrogen gas/metal, and to what use this type of superconducting effect could be put to.
prehaps mixing with other gaseous fluids? Maybe a current conductor for some unique motor? I should have mentioned all that , but I got my 15 year old son home (half term) so not much time for
clear thinking, Im afraid. Besides he's been trying to convince me that "Medal of Honor" is the best game he has ever played

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