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Amaranth Rose on Dec 29, 2001 at 02:45 (

Re: One Thing I Can Say for Love .. (Eudaemonic Pie)

I have no idea what love has to do with me, or why you speak of it to me.

But antagonism requires two, acting in opposition. How can there be antagonism, if I melt away before you like the whisper of a sigh in the warm summer breeze? How can there be antagonism if I merely flicker across the margin of your life like the fluttering sunbeam dappling the shadowed ground in some forgotten wood? I am the sigh, and the breeze. I am the dapple, and the shadow in which it lies. I am a mere arrangement of pixels on your screen, ephemeral, not quite ethereal. If you can find something substantial about me, if you can touch my living substance, if you can, conjuring, draw me forth from beneath some forgotten rock and set me upon a plinth for all to see and mock, then do try. I have long wondered what it would be like to have form and substance.

But if you seek a quarrel with me, I feel this forum is neither the right time nor place. I know you not, save from here, and methinks perhaps you mistake me for another from some other reality or unreality. Within these fences stirs the breath of Science, sometimes more strongly than others, and I fain would keep it so, as it is precious to me for that regard.

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