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Re: Mutiny on the Bowan .. of Mice and Micemen (Andy™)

True wisdom lies in recognizing the value of the unique. It is not the perfect diamond we value most, but rather the one whose matrix includes enough impurities to color its internal reflections with subtle shades of blue, green, yellow or pink. A drop of pure water is of relatively little interest to most; it is when we add pigment and spread it across a canvas that it reveals to us a greater potential, a fractional revelation of our condition in the universe. In perfection there is a certain beauty; in imperfection there is the true expression of potential. People who have never overcome difficulties, never coped with adversity, never faced the gates of Hell from the inside and walked out, have missed something in the building of their character; they lack... flavor, spice. Those who survive Life's winnowing are the better for their experiences, for the most part.

When we learn to appreciate "different", instead of defaulting to "bad" as a descriptor, we begin to understand ourselves better. Some pass through life; some are tested in the crucible, and only the best survive.

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