Bobba, knock this crap off .. Lyotard in Pink Floyd tights ..

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Eudeamonic Pie on Dec 28, 2001 at 14:04 (

Re: Speaking of Linguistics (bobbapink)

Lyotard, the strangest ever ..

In the face of the non-saying linguistic-God of silence, Heidegger had the good sense to turn to the pre-Socratics, and even Wittgenstein had the good sense to shut up .. but both Heidegger and Witty had the good sense to turn the linguistic turn to silence .. but Lyotard won't shut up ... and he's not even as interesting as Van Halen in lyotardian pink tights ...

Have you lost your mind, man? Where is you self-esteem? And you call yourself a scientist?

You and Alan Sokal ..

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