Ecce Homo Loquens: "Blessed Terrorism"

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Re: Internet fostering linguistics (bobbapink)

A good link, bobbapink. And thanx.

Osama bin Laden capitulated on his recent tape. He admitted that his actions were terrorism! And then, deft and Nike footed as Amaranth's ambidextrous bicameral mind, bin Laden re-characterized his terrorism, "blessed terrorism."

Homo Loquens?

Dear bobbapink: my former question to you was horribly incoherent, mainly because I am incoherent, but also because my pathetic cut-and-pasted segment was incomplete. I asked you, or tried to ask you my question about spent-thoughts because I knew in my deepest paradosic heart that only you and Alan Sokal could answer. And since my question about spent-thougts, to my mind, has linguistic correlates, would you kindly mind if I took "take-two" on it here? Maybe the internet has enabled the potentials of homo loquens and preserved all our spent-thoughts right here, a form of omniscience, for as long as cyber life shall last?

I'm sorry too for the confusions. I'm not the gent, MM. Nor am I any vapor, or elan vital replicant of another participant or ex-participant here. Sorry. I've posted and published under my real name on many other fora. And in the early days I even listed my phone number (idiot) on my tag lines, until the center where I work issued Pinkbobba Floydian dark side of the Moon draconian measures against using our real names online, warnings like, "if you want to continue breathing the air in your local environment, then don't ...". I can't get the sympathies of a few webmasters to remove my real name from old posts at some other sites, a glaring testimony to my folly, and the contents of my spent-thought posts a disgrace to all thinking men. Everywhere. But now, in a moment of tender courtesy and empathy for MM, no, I'm not the gent nor do I know him. One reason (and true) why I haven't been posting here in Science a Go Go very much lately is because my lit-crit wife challenged me to find and to post on some soft-mushy lit-crit fora where they could beat up on me I was become too "predictable"! Fancy that. My punishment for bragging up Alan Sokal to her.

And now bobba, with Dr. Suess down, the von-Man too, and even van Halen on the wane, and with bobbaPinkFloyd resorting to publishing old hits with very little new, now, the entire future of Homo Loquens is up to you.

"Blessed terrorism?" A new coinage meant for .. the net?

Re's and apologies my any former confusions. But, the best is yet to come ...

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