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Eudaemonic Pie on Dec 27, 2001 at 15:30 (

Re: puzzled (Amaranth Rose)

Et tu, Amaranth?

I'm not playing with a full deck? Are you accusing me of bobbapink's sins, namely, watching the gorilla shows in Vegas too long, and playing the odds – "1) will the gorilla catch the redhead, or, 2) will she escape?"

You're right, it's my deck. Darn.

Speaking of decks, how's yours ;)>.

Now, decks are decks, see?

Considering the cognitive possibilities of about 10 billion neurons and the combinatorics of 100 trillion synaptic connections, all working with a logic of relation set at varying strengths per connection, why, that's a deck of about 10 raised to 100 trillionth combinations!

Is it any wonder that guys like me get a little confused shuffling a deck like that? Once in awhile?

Amaranth, show some mercy. Please.

And show a little thigh too, next time you kick me.

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