"Why? because we love you!" .. (except for bobbapink's evil Cat in the Hat!)

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Eudaemonic Pie (humble pie in my face) on Dec 27, 2001 at 14:20
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Re: Interesting, but... (An Onney Mouse)

Okay, my dearest limbic system sharing mammal mousey, then go ahead, be uncomfortable :).

And I don't live in the desert, my dearest mus, but only use it as a base from which to visit a half dozen nearby state capitals, from whence, you ought know, and be proud, that I've defended your half cousins, dipodomys, in court, a precious protected species!

And why? Why do I do so? Because dear mus .. "M-I-C .. K-E-Y... [refrain] .. why? because we love you!" Love. Love is why. Love and only love. No greater justification needed. And no scientific reason either! Just love :).

Lest science go astray in my unbridled passion, I shall say I disagree with my fellow ethologists when they unnecessarily reduce down such noble passions as love into forced tropes of reciprocal altruism. I see no reason why such delightful emotions as love cannot be an equal accidental feature of our evolution as are the accidents of our eyes, ears, and little cute mus tails :). So, tell your lady that! And please tell her come out and play more often! If you consider me mistaken on the behavioral biology science of love, alas, then just call me a fool :). Like bobbapink does! And he does so rightly too! And is comfortable with so saying!

Now, my little mus, I must relieve dearest beloved bobbapink out of his confusions, which are my fault, induced by my own incoherence, not his, but what else can I do with a noble soul who rightly reasons that great books include "The Cat in the Hat!"

Did someone say, "CAT!"? Run, dear mouse, run! Before bobbapink unloosens that vile cat-like creature, the prehensile claws of his catlike wit ...

Bobba, I'm slightly busy. Redheads looking over my shoulder, you know .. but, like Arnold, "I'll be back ...."

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