Re: Hydrogen economy leads to environmental disaster

Posted by Dale on Feb 15, 2002 at 08:58 (

Re: Hydrogen economy leads to environmental disaster (George)

Of course, no environmental impact study will ever be made.

I hate to disagree (seriously I do) but EVENTUALLY the study will be done. This has happened over and over in the past. We invent a problem with an environmental study. We then declare The Solution with no evidence of practicality. The Solution is then mandated by law. Later we find that The Solution causes more problems than the original problem. This gives us the ability to start over with a New Solution. Examples are, opacity monitoring of fossil power plants, MTBE, SO2 restrictions, catalytic converters, etc. etc. etc. Hydrogen will be no different. Once we figure out what dumping raw hydrogen and humidity into the atmosphere will do we will have new bigger problems to solve.

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