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Re: Why women get away with it? what every man needs to know (attn: bobbapink too) (Eudaemonic Pie)

Comfortable? Your brains must be fried from living out there in the desert so long. You think a mouse can get comfortable in a house with half a dozen cats? I'm lucky to get a few seconds to read the forum over milady's shoulder from my hiding place behind the aquarium.

Yours is an interesting story, to be sure, but, I fail to see the scientific point. Mating in mice isn't very interesting, though, it's mostly whiff, sniff and take what you can get. For a mouse, a classical education consists of learning how to tell who your siblings are, to avoid incest, but even that's not totally observed.

Even if I were minded to repeat your story to milady, it would do no good. She's wretchedly lacking in the area of human relations, especially in the inter-gender arena. I don't think it would help her, if you know what I mean. She's just getting "friendship" down, and it's been a rocky go to get there. That's a long way from savage misanthropy, though, so we're making progress. :-)

I'd better run now, the cats are waking up. They don't sleep more than 23 hours a day, so a mouse has to be careful.

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