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Re: That was science (Dale)

"I ain't never been known for my perfect grammer. I tend to get in a flow and put thoughts to keyboard in the order they appear. "

You nincompoop. That was obviously not what she was refferring to.

"No. A scientific attitude requires honesty. "

Right. Which is why you aren't scientific.

"It would not be honest for me to just say that I disagree rather than that it is wrong when the point under discussion should be obvious. It should be obvious that knowledge of Doyle is not required to understand a joke based on an oversight. "

Ha! You know, they say laughter causes heart health. If that's true, then we should all live forever, on account of the sheer amount of funny bullshit you post here.

"It should be obvious that the Holmes references were incidental to the joke. To state that knowledge of the author of the Holmes novels is central to understanding the joke is not just debatable, it is flat out wrong."

That was not the only thing to which she was refferring to, Watson, you fool.

"Of course. Thatís why Iím here. To set them straight. :)"

You will do nothing of the sort. Why don't you try out your stupid ideas on someone stupid enough to go along with them.

"Letís take a step back. I believe you are missing another trait of mine. I tend to not comment at all when it is simple opinion or when the argument isnít overwhelming."

Bull crap.
I doubt it. You shoot Daniel down for posting an informative article, and the article comes from a reliable source. Hold your tongue, if you don't have anything polite to say.

"If it appears that I am always stating that someone is wrong rather than that I just disagree it is because I donít comment when I merely disagree."

Bulls**t. You always think people are wrong. I wouldn't be surprised if you read this post and said "you're wrong". Or are you running low on PCP again?

"I choose my battles carefully and you need to be clearly wrong before I will call you on it."

You do not choose your battles. You take offense at the smallest thing, the littlest reference in your direction, and boom, you get in everybody's face and yell and make a big production about blasting them and their ideas to smithereens. There's something to be said for "Open Source" or the Copyleft mark. Let others contribute ideas too, instead of getting in their faces and blasting crap in their pixels. I, for one, do not enjoy your crap, and if i need to get Kate, I most assuredly will.

"Luckily for me I have Danny who is so consistently wrong I never lack for opportunity. :)"

Daniel is not "constistently wrong". He has contributed far more scientific posts and real news to this board than you have. And his news comes from reliable sources.

"And I donít believe I write opinion pieces that often. I think I link to support quite often. But Iíll try to do better"

I don't think so. You wrote an opinion post there, and everytime you shoot someone down, you are writing opinion posts. "You're Wrong" is an opinion. If you can give me 3 or more reliable sources that say that the content of this post is wrong, I will consider leaving you alone. And the sources have to be not from this forum.

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