Re: Hydrogen economy leads to environmental disaster

Posted by I. S. on Feb 14, 2002 at 10:09 (

Re: Hydrogen economy leads to environmental disaster (Dale)

1. 3. Let's assume that the article is credible. Wouldn't you think that the DOE would address these new and important calculations in their FAQ? Wouldn't you think econuts would be rushing to denounce these findings? Wouldn't you think opponents of clean energy would be spreading the word? Wouldn't you think you'd heard something in a year and a half? No, I can't completely discount the truth of the article based on circumstantial evidence, but I do think it's at least 75% likely to be false.

2. OK, he knows that photosynthesis exists. He made no effort to estimate the rate at which O2 is produced by plants, or for that matter the rate at which plants consume CO2. He called it an "unknown quantity." Not too helpful.

And I mean it when I say I'm listening. Since I have neither the time nor inclination to pore over the calculations in the article, I'd be happy to hear the results of your computations.

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