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Re: Hydrogen economy leads to environmental disaster (I. S.)

1. If there's no discussion of it, then who are these people who are alarmed by fuel cells?

See previous answer. If a tree falls in the middle of the Olympic Games but you donít hear it, does it make a sound?

2. If he included oxygen production during photosynthesis in his calculations, I didn't see it.

Then you didnít even read the first two sentences of the paper. ďAs is well known, gasoline combustion requires atmospheric oxygen, which is then turned into CO2 and various HydroCarbon (HC). In turn, CO2 is recycled by plants via the known reaction
H2O + CO2 +(hv) -> O2 + (-(CH2O)-), which restores oxygen in the atmosphere.Ē You also didnít seem to read my response. Photosynthesis doesnít occur instantaneously.

3. My point is that we haven't heard anything from these experts. Did they read the paper? Did they think it worthy of bringing to the media's attention? Did it matter to them?

I'll grant that no one has vocally supported it and no one has vocally disagreed with it. That means it may or may not be true. The fact that no one has disagreed is just as strong evidence that it is all true as your claim that no one agreeing means it is bogus. As I said in the previous response, itís called argumentum ad ignorantiam and it is a fallacious argument.

4. Not viable, but not because they eat up oxygen.

Weíre getting there. Looks like we agree but why?

I'm listening.

Iím not convinced of that yet but hereís a clue; you need to use a calculator.

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