Re: Hydrogen economy leads to environmental disaster

Posted by Dale on Feb 13, 2002 at 09:16

Re: Hydrogen economy leads to environmental disaster (I. S.)

1. It's a year and a half old and no one cares? This seems to be a variation on argumentum ad ignorantiam. Just because there has been no discussion doesn't mean it isn't true. After all, prior to 1975 anyone who said global warming might be occurring was routinely ignored. At that time it was common knowledge that we were experiencing the start of another ice age.

2. It's photosynthesis. This puts a serious crimp in his oxygen depletion argument? Only if there is enough CO2 and time to overcome the depletion. If you were in a burning building with all the oxygen being rapidly consumed, the fact that you have a plant on your desk producing oxygen would be of little value. The calculation was made that to replace carbon with hydrogen in gasoline engines would require far more oxygen than we have available even with all the photosynthesis we have going on today. To survive you would need far more photosynthesis and enough time for the oxygen to be dispersed.

3. Did you notice that the whole point of the article was to sell his company's Magnegas stuff? And the whole point of many studies is to promote a particular product or technology. Do we ignore everything Greenpeace says because their goal is to generate donations? And this wasnít just a sales tool but rather a paper presented to the Hydrogen International Conference HY2000 which supposedly was attended by experts who would see through a simple sales tool..

4. If people are alarmed by fuel cells, I haven't seen any evidence of it? Then you havenít been looking. Just the other day there was an article in the Wall Street Journal on fuel cell technology and the unanimous opinion of the letters to the editor was that fuel cells are not a viable technology to replace gasoline engines. The increased energy consumption alone prohibits them.

Yes, the article is bogus but you havenít listed the reason yet.

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