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Re: Lobby group wants insulin inquiry (mara)

some people are allergic to penicillin. they die from it. this is something that nobody seems to know how to change.

Yep. Luckily we have other antibiotics or even more of these people would die.

if some people are 'allergic' to the non-animal insulin, there is something that can be done about it. it involves money.

Yes which brings us to “what is the price of a human life?” We set a price every day. For example, in the US we could outlaw automobiles and save 40,000 lives a year lost to traffic accidents. But helicoptering in food to keep people from starving to death would be rather expensive.

is it not possible for the companies to continue to provide some animal insulin for the people who seem to need it and use monies for it that would ordinarily go into advertisements ?

So you don’t think there is any value in advertising? Clearly you know nothing of the business world. Simple chain of cause and effect - Without the advertising the company wouldn’t have as much money and so wouldn’t be able to invest as much in R&D and so wouldn’t discover new drugs and so wouldn’t have as much money and so many more people would die. You really think trading one life for another is a solution?

kind of a public relations fund ?

Such public relations isn’t very effective. For example, McDonalds bent over backward and tied itself in knots to please the environmental movement. McDonalds today is considered more evil than many other corporations by the environmental wackos. A company that gives away money for good public relations often finds they just create a longer line for the giveaway.

would this bankrupt the companies, or just make their profit a little less ?

Depends on how much it costs and how much benefit they get. I think I said that if there are 100,000 people with the problem, then it should be economically feasible to produce “old” insulin for them. If there are only 250, the distribution costs alone would be prohibitive.

or could the companies charge a little more for the non-animal insulin in order to cover the cost of the animal insulin ?

That’s done all the time until the public finds out and then the company is called evil for charging the poor consumer more than it should cost. The telephone companies are a prime example.

any other ideas ?

I’m back to survival of the fittest.

on a more scientific note:
it seems to me that there is something else involved with the insulin dna sequence besides the known linear amino acid sequence. in my opinion, when this is defined, there won't be the problem of rejection of insulin by some people.

Good theory. Now prove it. If we can’t prove it then it means that the complainers have a psychosomatic problem. That’s been found to happen a lot recently.

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