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Posted by asdf on Dec 26, 2001 at 06:09

Re: the sweet rose...of sharon (A lurker)

i'm not here specifically "to win [you] over to [my] side"

however, if you were to be won over to god's side along the way, that would certainly be a welcome outcome and most beneficial for you

i don't find "indisputable evidence" in other religions, including darwinism...i maintain that biblical christianity is the only philosophy that agrees with and does not conflict with the "hard evidence" available to the natural sciences

i'm not sure that i can offer you an "indisputable" argument for what i believe...i can and have over the years offered some very reasonable and logical interpretations of the evidence that is available to both conclusion is that the creationary worldview fits the known data far better, and i mean far far better, than the opposing worldview, which i used to rigorously, vigorously, and rigidly support until i began to actually look at some of the stuff we have all swallowed more critically

on the other hand, there are a number of very powerful and poignant conflicts between the evolutionary worldview and the available data

so while i am unable to "indisputably" prove the existence of god and related issues, including the creationary concept of a young universe, i can still maintain a very well evidenced faith (rather than a blind faith or an inherited faith)...and i firmly maintain that the available evidence falsifies the evolutionary paradigm on several fronts

time permitting, i will from time to time elaborate further...but just because i don't get back to the board on some of these things does NOT mean that either i don't have answers or that answers are not available elsewhere...also not to forget that even if there was no answer immediately available to a given question, that does not mean that there won't be one in 5 or 50 or 500 years from now

my time on this board is much more limited being an adjunct professor at university, traveling to various cities of this part of the globe to do consulting work for several companies, administering a foundation that i established a few years ago, cooperating with and very actively serving on the board of directors for one of the largest charitable foundations in this region that is separate and distinct from my foundation although we now cooperate closely to help mentally or physically or fiscally challenged kids get to school or to build the schools in the countryside so that folks have a school to get into, and doing grad work in molecular biology...then there is my real job at which i spend a substantial amount of time :-)

there is nothing in biology or any of the other sciences for that matter that requires a darwinian/evolutionary explanation...and in my estimation good science is hindered by the darwinian/evolutionary philosophy

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