Re: Is the FDA's PPA Scare BS?

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Amaranth Rose on Feb 10, 2002 at 23:51 (

Re: Is the FDA's PPA Scare BS? (bobbapink)

"My thoughts exactly. Have you considered that more sinister actors are involved in all of this? Specifically, some one or few specific drug companies with a good degree of FDA influence who are looking to market a similar compound still under the protection of patent?"

Sorry, my mind doesn't run in those tracks. That's outside my programming scope.

"I know of no instance where phenylpropanolwhateverall has been linked to any type of psychosis. Have you a link."

No link. Sorry. I have knowledge. That is different. It is not the sort of story one generally sees posted on the net. And not one the drug companies want you to hear.

"In the case of phenylpropanolwhateverall, what kind of consequences?"

Serious consequences. VEry unpleasant. Tragic. The kind you really don't want to know about. Terminus.

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