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Re: heyy... (DA Morgan)

Lying may not be nice, but it appears to be one of the crowning achievements of the human race. It must be genetically programmed, as it is ubiquitous, self-serving, and enables an individual to take resources from another without resorting to the extravagant expenditure of energy that violence requires. Moreover, if an indvidual is accomplished at it to a high degree, we tend to hold them in high esteem, so it aids in the acquisition of social status. This can be deomonstrated by observation of the Legal and political system of the United States. It only develops a negative connotation when it fails as a atrategy.

The three most commonly successful lies in our society are probably "The check is in the mail," "Honey, I only want one kiss," and "I'll be your (pen pal, friend, playmate, lover, POSSLQ, whatever) forever."

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