Re: the FDA's PPA dosnt Scare BobbapinkS?

Posted by DogsDander on Feb 10, 2002 at 17:24 (

Re: Is the FDA's PPA Scare BS? (bobbapink)

Oh my....dear Oh deary. What will your family think of you when they find out you put no trust in the Goverment funded FDA..but prefer to learn all about over the counter drugs from 'JunkScience
Who even admit its debunkable junk!. My oh my...
shame on you to even put that junk into a Science forum. The devious method that you got me to read it as well. "Lots more from this SOURCE" My Oh my

I have no doubt the rich drug companys worried about their shareholders... made sure that they
got their denials all writ up on the Net just to catch out someone like you, a person who has no faith in the FDA.
When the drug companys put somthing on the market
you can be sure its there 'cause it does have an
effect, like drying up mucous when you got a cold
contracting your blood vessels in a migrane, help
your reuhmatism, settle your stomach, thin your blood, diuretics etc Yes they all work.!!! Better in some than others (that should give you a clue) Co's cover themselves by stating on the packaging, not more than 4 a day, dont sunbath after taking. No alcohol, dont overdose. etc.
But its the subtle side effects that can cause problems. Something you obviously dont worry about.But the FDA do worry , good for them, they are doing a wonderful job.
Its the FDA duty to test everything on the market and inform and in the worse cases get it taken off the shelves.. You should'nt offer your wife even Aspirin within the first two months of her pregnancy, infact it is unwise to even give your children aspirin until they are at least in their teens.
You carry on-dont take any notice of the FDA, you keep on reading your Junkscience. But dont try to impregnate us with your unwise beliefs.

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