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Re: Lobby group wants insulin inquiry (Dale)

But enough political philosophy. This is a science forum. If there really is a chemical difference in the synthetic insulin, why canít we easily fix that? If there isnít any difference, then why canít we just tell these people to get a life?

I think, given what Iíve read so far, that there is a real rather than imagined problem for some folk. But fixing that is going to require getting out the calculator. A vast amount of [mostly] private capital was invested to get the protein to fold in a manner that is acceptable to 99.9% of the intended recipients. A lesser but nevertheless comparable amount might be required to fold it differently for the remaining .1%. I don't see the profit. Especially if the new protein was not acceptable to the original 99.9%, which I suppose is a real possibility.

Would I as a non-diabetic be willing to foot part of that bill? I think that depends on whether or not someone was attempting to force me to do so, and how many other .1%ís with other difficulties were also in dire need. But that too strays into the realm of politics.

On the other hand, would I be willing to foot part of the bill to find a cure? I think more likely I might, regardless of the foot extraction means, charitable or otherwise. Although in this particular case, I canít really define and describe why I feel there is a difference, other than one is specific to a unique few while the other is universal.

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