Globally warmed cow and sheep meat tastes sorta like chicken

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Eudaemonic Pie on Dec 25, 2001 at 18:37 (

Re: Cows and sheeps contributing to Global Warming? (Wade Lee)

A good link. What are the parameters for cow and sheep pie pie-to-methane production emissions? And what would globally warmed cow and sheep meat taste like, cooked out over a campfire of methane? I can see Crocodile Dundee right now, saying, as a take off on his line from his first movie, when he said, "that's not a knife (pulls out an Aussie knife to a robber), THIS IS A KNIFE!", and so too now, in this new case, I see Crocodile Dundee sitting around the sheep roast campfire, with all the other methane men, saying, "that's not methane, this is METHANE!" Guy-science, at its best.

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