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Re: Lobby group wants insulin inquiry (Amaranth Rose)

You assume facts not in evidence. Why would I recognize his name? YOu assume a great deal about someone you know next to nothing about.

My! Aren’t we defensive? Anyway, I know that he is very highly regarded in the fields of genetics and biology, and that he has written extensively on these matters, and that it is these fields which you have, in posts gone by, expressed interest and demonstrated a certain degree of learning. I therefore assumed you were well read. It seems, by your opening statement, that I was mistaken. You are clearly not as well read as I “assumed.”

I find the idea of a hyper-effectinve insulin molecule very interesting. As is the idea of modifying thhe tertiary structure by patented means. Fascinating! A nice article. Thanks for finding it.

You’re welcome. Now go read his books.

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