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Re: Lobby group wants insulin inquiry (Dale)

Your comments pretty much reflect my thinking on the matter. The link i gave rose was an interesting take on the matter as well. I did a google search on some terms from the article and got quite a radical eye-full. The gist of this lobby group seems to be that Health Canada has a responsibility to continue to provide animal-based insulin, or any other alternative, to anyone that prefers it (or indeed needs it).

Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice socialism.

I guess they feel Health Canada should "force" Lilly et al to continue manufacturing outmoded drugs, regardless of the cost, and that Lilly should do so altruistically without breaking out the ol' calculator. This reminds me of some efforts a while back to lift the trade restriction the U.S. had with Canada regarding re-importing American made drugs. Turned out Canada was the biggest opponent because if the restriction were lifted, the American companies would restrict their sales because it would cut into their profits. Go figure! Mean ‘ld drug companies.

Anyway, just because this has no real comparison to GMO foods, truth doesn't really play into the matter. I've never seen this particular flavor of spin used against GMO foods but this test case is worth watching.

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