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Re: Lobby group wants insulin inquiry (bobbapink)

As someone who used to be allergic to the tetanus shot they would give you every time you saw a doctor with a cut, I can understand their plight. Some people canít tolerate what 99.99% of the population thinks is just fine. And companies arenít going to produce an expensive old drug when the new cheap one works just fine for all but 0.01%. Take the 99.99% for profit and let the others go to another company even though there is no other company. It appears that these few people are going to have to die just as they would have already before the discovery of insulin.

But extending this to GMO foods seems a stretch. Yes, eventually we will find some people who are allergic to some GMOs. But in that case there are easy alternatives. We have already seen and solved this problem. A few people seem to have been allergic to Starlink corn. So the solution was twofold. Those who were allergic stopped eating corn products for a while and we eliminated Starlink from the foodchain and replaced it with other GMOs. Now everyone can eat GMO corn products again (as far as we know). But if Starlink had been so astoundingly productive that it had totally eliminated all other commercial corn crops, no one would starve. A few people would just not be able to eat corn just as there is a small population that can not eat any particular crop you wish to name. In the case of insulin there is no alternative. In the case of food there will always be lots of alternatives.

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