Re: Lobby group wants insulin inquiry

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Re: Lobby group wants insulin inquiry (Amaranth Rose)

It's against my principles. but I'll respond to your posting.

And while it interferes not with my principles to respond to your response, i admit some degree of reluctance to do so, attributable no doubt to your opening remark. Still, personal animosities aside, and in the interest of general lay-science, Iíll set aside my reluctance and respond nonetheless.

This story seems to be a bit bigger than I initially thought, and the implications of it are quite far reaching. It extends not only to the area of medicine, health care private and public, but also to politics, capitalism, environmentalism, and technology in general. I invite you to take a gander at this New York Times book review discourse. Pay particular attention to the reply given by Richard Lewontin, a name you no doubt recognize.

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