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Amaranth Rose on Feb 09, 2002 at 00:13 (

Re: Lobby group wants insulin inquiry (bobbapink)

It's against my principles. but I'll respond to your posting.

"He points out that 200,000 people a day take insulin without any problem. He adds that clinical trials submitted to health Canada prove synthetic insulin is safe. "

Two possibilities come to mind. One, that the people who are having problems with the synthetic insulin are perversely and exquisitely sensitive to the insulin that is being produced by genetic means.

Second, that there could be some other substance in the insulin mixture that these person are sensitive to or that acts on their particular genetic makeup as a strong insulin potentiator, or it might be stimulating what Islet cells they have to suddenly produce a burst of insulin.

Either of these possibilities ought to be investigated thoroughly. There's nothing like the feeling of being given a drug that is supposed to be "safe", and waking up from almost having died. It leaves one with a very bad taste in the mouth for Allopathic Medicine in general and doctors in particular.

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