NASA is almost completely refitting the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Science Daily has a report on the project. The VAB was built in 1965 for the Apollo program. It was somewhat refurbished for the Shuttle program. But many of the systems were the originals from 1965. Now it will be refurbished to work with a wide range of launch vehicles and all systems will be updated or replaced with modern equipment. The plan is to be able to use it for the new Space Launch System when it is ready to fly. The SLS will have various launch capacities, up to the capacity of the Atlas that launched the Apollo space craft. It will also cater to many other vehicles from different manufacturers.

Up to now they didn't have time to do any massive refurbishment because they couldn't take it down long enough to get the work done between launches. And of course they were also always working with a limited budget that didn't help any.

Bill Gill
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