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#7689 - 07/04/06 06:01 PM Calorimetric test of General Relativity
Uncle Al Offline

Registered: 10/17/04
Posts: 540
Loc: Southern California

Given two differential scanning calorimeters whose sample pans are located along a north-south line. Each holds a ~15 mg single crystal sphere of benzil, one in space group P3(1)21 (right-handed) and one in P3(2)21 (left-handed). /_\H(fusion) for both are simultaneously run. The procedure is run with new crystals at 0600 hrs, 12 noon, 1800 hrs, and midnight local time. If all /_\H(fusion) at all times are not equal within experimental error (differential output would be two nulls, a maximum and a reversed maximum), the experiment is repeated the next day with the calorimeters aligned east-west to confirm. The /_\/_\H(fusion) will have a six hour phase shift on the second day if the signal is real.

If there is a reproducible /_\/_\H, General Relativity (GR) was founded upon two empirically falsified postulates - the Equivalence Principle (EP) and the isotropy of space. Physics will be, ah, displeased. Cartan's or Weitzenb?ck's teleparallel gravitation would then be acceptable theory.

Composition Eotvos   Parity calorimetry
90 days; 2160 hrs    2 days; 2 hrs of runs, plus prep  
10^(-13) relative    8.99 joules/gram difference
extreme precision    0.1% precision adequate
0.2398% active mass  99.97% active mass
10^(-13) sensitive   3x10^(-18) sensitive
no basis in theory   intrinsic to theory
Nomenclature: /_\ is uppercase Latin delta, "difference." /_\H(fusion) is enthalpy of fusion or heat of melting/gram. /_\H(fusion) of ice is 80 calories/gram. One gram of ice at 0 C melts to one gram of water at 0 C by absorbing 80 calories of heat. /_\/_\H(fusion) is the difference between paired measurements. Orthodox expectation is that the two numbers must be identical, or /_\)/_\H(fusion)=zero. Is it? Nobody has ever looked.

The Equivalence Principle is true, gravitation is gerade, inertial and gravitational mass are fundamentally identical, spacetime is achiral. Parity violations (e.g., the Weak Interaction) are inserted exceptions from local symmetry breakings.


The Equivalence Principle is not true, gravitation is ungerade, inertial and gravitational mass can be decoupled, spacetime is chiral. Parity violations derive from a vacuum pseudoscalar background (spacetime is intrinsically left-handed).

In the end there can be only one.
Uncle Al
(Toxic URL! Unsafe for children and most mammals)

#7690 - 07/04/06 10:12 PM Re: Calorimetric test of General Relativity
dr_rocket Offline

Registered: 12/06/06
Posts: 196
Loc: Palo Alto, CA, USA
Hi Al,

It seems to me that there would be too many uncontrolable factors in this kind of latent heat experiment. So why not just wait for the STEP program to do the test? Is there some obscure problem with STEP?

In any case what do you think the consequences of non-equivalence would be? I mean beside the weak interaction stuff?

Which outcome do you predict?

Dr. R.


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