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#50311 - 11/10/13 06:33 PM Mass m faster than gravitation = dark mattery
newton Offline

Registered: 09/30/12
Posts: 1209
before read My post please study Mr Mach's model
supersonic airplane and sound waves animations

a stationary source
b small speed source
c sound speed airplane
d airplane faster than sound

Important animations ( left side of page below link )

MAROSZ can we CROSS gravitation speed ?
what will happen in vacuum ?

Dark matter and gravitation slower than mass m

P1 ..................m -----------> V>C

M( planets or stars )

observer position = big mass M

he can not see mass m
he can only register gravitation wave that started in point 1

( m is faster than light so light can not
touch the mass m and back to observer eyes )

mass m started gravitation wave signal in point 1 and escape more faster than light from this point !! ( please see animations Mach's Idea about sound in my frst above link)

Above model works similar to MACH's supersonic speed problem ) Body can be faster thah sound and in universe we can have masses faster than light !?!

above picture explain that universe can grown up without limit ???

p1 .....p2......p3......m----------> C>


M1 feel mass m position but mass m not know nothing about this what was in past

Nobody can go and inform mass m please slown down ( mass m made in past work !!! but not lost energy for this work !!! )

we stars/planets /objects ..p1...p2..p3...dark mattery ------------->C>

dark matter take many masses M ..M1 ...M2 and pull them but dark matter not feel work problem not lost energy

not Exist III Newton Rules problem
(M1 ...M2 ....M3 can not touch dark matter by own gravitation feild because dark matter escape faster than light !!!

M1 M2 M3 will go only to points where mass m was in past P1,P2,P3 ( points where dark matter was in past and started signal !!!)

Edited by newton (11/10/13 06:54 PM)

#50315 - 11/11/13 11:15 AM Re: Mass m faster than gravitation = dark mattery [Re: newton]
newton Offline

Registered: 09/30/12
Posts: 1209

Yesterday I prepered above model

Today I have more precission fact I made small mistake I'm sure that we will able in future see dark matter

how many years we need wait to start see dark matter ???

My model it is not counterexample to Einstein it is not my target - his theory will be natural too old and will die -
his theory can not describe all probems similar to this what we see in post.

p1- stationary point 1 ( apparent position mass m )
this point is virtual and not exist is not moving with mass m
mass m was in past in that point and started gravitatin signal

Big Bang ........P1 .....p2.....p3......p4.........m----->1,4 C
.M4->0,1C...M3--->0,2C....M2--->0,4 C ..... M1-->0,5 C

Mass m was in P1 after Big Start Mass M1 was more closer to mass m in past so now have huge speed
M2 mass started feel mass m gravitation short time after mass M1
Mass M3 started feel mass m graitation short time aftre mass
In my first post I showed and explained that mass m can make work and not feel other masses signals ( III Newton's Law not work we have only one direction comunications m is faster than gravitation signals that are sending big masses M 1,2,3,4,...)

short time after BIG BANG
Big Bang energy is going down
( dark matter = mass m Mass m was first mass that get ulra high energy from Big Bang mass M1 get lower energy M2 get lower energy M3 get lower energy ....

Bodies that right now are more closed to point where all started have lower energy than bodies that take first impulse of the huge energy

( it is like bomb explosion --- first very small parts of bombs wall get energy ( in bomb's wall we have very small gaps at first ) preasure rise up small gaps in walls are not able reduce preasure inside bomb so biger part of wall get energy from explosion ( in my exaplme biger wall parts = M1,2,3,4,...

Mass M1 started trip why mass M 1 is going to point 1 after point 1 to point 2 ..3..4. Mass M1 step by step register and feel apparent position of mass m ( dark matter )

at first mass m was very hot !!! hot = low gravitation signal ( hot mass not have soo strong signals like cold mass )

after mass m temperature go down step by step mass m started sending stronger ...stronger ... gravitation waves

each point where mass m was in past we have apparent centrum
each new signal is sending from each new point in space

similar like in doppler ( below drawing ) mass m was in point 1 and started ring 1

ring 1 = 3d ball not flat circle 1

please study above drawing and please understand that exist relation between distance and Intensity of Gravitation signals
( distance and power of signal that feel masses around source )

(Masses M1 , M2 ,M3,...M4.... not register freash actual position small mass m !!! mass m very fast escape from Point 1
and is in point 2 after short time ...p3...p4....

Important animations ( left side of page below link pleasee see last animation hipersconic airplane Mr Mach = author

sound waves - airplane escape from place where was in past faster than sound

mass m in my model escape from place where was in past more faster than OWN gravitation signal !!!)


Where Are we People right now ? Where are stars ? ( how far from mass m and center )
where is Earth position right now ?

Mass M1 M2 M3 M4 also cooperate by gravitation mass m is not only one gravitation source we have huge mix of signals

M1 ..M2..M3..M4 ... m ---->

exist many relation between masses M they also are sending many circles from each new own apparent positions

Observer that is using light and his optical instruments have very hard condition to recognize what is happen !!

in my post ( below I repeated first drawing ) I specialy mark that each mass M has different velocity . What must do observer roped with mass M1 to see dark mattery ??? observer roped with mass M4 is able or not to see mass m ????

Big Bang ........P1 .....p2.....p3......p4.........m----->1,4 C
.M4->0,1C...M3--->0,2C....M2--->0,4 C ..... M1-->0,5 C

Iverted square Law = huge problem ? where the signal started
how many light years in past ? distance ?

I think That observer M4 must wait !!! mass M4 will speed up after many years he will have 0,5 C !!!

what about M1 observer ? He must use own light ( strong laser ) Laser must has got target must hit mass m and signal must back to his eyes

below picture explain problem (M1 ) it is rear observer

WHAT IF I NOT SEE AND NOT HEAR AIRPLAINE I feel only mass but where this mass is right now ?

The universe have much more sectrets we can not see this secrets !!! My post = small step to understand more ( better I would say to next more questions )

in 2012 alone without any outside help I made very cheap experiment . I started dream ( Michelson Morley Brightness version ) we can recognize west East !!! classical mechanic is not so old like many authors right now think ( we need only work more hard and confirm new ideas )

My first test


first pictures ( brightness - photoshop 10 histogram) west ( -30km/s ) and East (+30 km/s )


test inside water

More problems for classical mechanic



Maciej Marosz
Engineer and Inventor

#50322 - 11/12/13 10:56 AM Re: Mass m faster than gravitation = dark mattery [Re: newton]
newton Offline

Registered: 09/30/12
Posts: 1209
Right now modern physics is very heavy !!!

gravitation = glue that is blocking free brain

Dears Astronomers before start study OLD PHYSICS please look
what Mach did and I use by analogy.

Mach - first engineer who describe Supersonic Speed problem

( please look on 4 animations )

Marosz- first person who showed people what will be if mass m will cross Supergravitation speed

Mach's equations can describe below problem ( idea owner is Marosz )

1 http://youtu.be/iHMYfYo9cXg

2 http://youtu.be/H8ER7Rr3tvU

3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_DPoFJadyk


Author Engineer and Inventor



above three Ytube = We STARTED manage this what we not see
Physics it is not only this what we see ( and theory about this what we see )

Nobody will explain my Supergravitation speed without new physics fundaments !


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