The 'BLOOM BOX' Thats the name another fuel cell company is going to unveil this wednesday (24 Feb) at San Jose Cal:
apparently this' Bloom Box has been under development for 8 years.
The inventors who used to work for NASA, want everybody to own one of these Fridge size fuel cell units,
and get rid their connection to the power grid.
Bloom Box plans to not only sell and lease its 5 KW boxes (which the 'Kleiner Perkins site describes as a flexible fuel cell system that produces clean, reliable and affordable energy from a wide range of fuels, reducing carbon emissions by 50-100 percent per kilowatt) but also enter power-purchasing agreements. Those agreements will be made through an as-yet unnamed wholly owned subsidiary. Within 4-5 years, the company aims to build a multibillion dollar business, says VentureWire. True to stealthy form, Bloom Co:
chose not to comment on the dates, valuation or strategy.
Despite being very quiet, 8-year-old Bloom Energy has raised $250 million in financing 10 times as much capital, as compared to other venture companies.

Well we should find out more about the type of Fuel Cell when its unveiled tomorrow. Most fuel cells are expensive, have a limited life due to internal poisoning of the catalyst rare-earth electrodes? The fuel cell will probably have to be exchanged and/or reprocessed.
We shall see how much is semi-scientific hype (the type that attracts investors) against how many units are sold and actually produce cost effective power for the foreseeable future.

There is a lot of blerb to read.. I think just a tad too much. Could this be another investment power company that eventually bites the dust, when the hype has settled?

Plus there are lots of url's to read, and keep everyone amused.
Plus this You Tube

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