A town that's got it right

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A town that's got it right - 11/29/15 02:42 AM

Phys.Org has a report on an Austrian town that is doing renewable energy right.
Rotting wood turns Austria's poorest town into green model
The Austrian town of Guessing has converted 100% to renewable energy based on the leavings of lumbering in the area.

Bill Gill
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Re: A town that's got it right - 11/29/15 06:57 PM

That's an inspiring story, I'm all in favour of the green approach, but wonder if Arnie got a bit over-enthusiastic.

"The whole world should become Guessing," enthused Austria's most famous green advocate, Arnold Schwarzenegger, during a visit two years ago.

Following Guessing's example could give logging companies just the excuse they needed to strip forests.
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Re: A town that's got it right - 11/29/15 07:04 PM

In one way yes it would give logging companies an excuse. But for the scheme to be viable the forest has to be well managed, so that the biomass would be available into the indefinite future. I hope that they have thought of that and are including it in their plans.

Bill Gill