What is fueling the climate change debate

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What is fueling the climate change debate - 11/25/15 02:41 AM

There is an article on Phys.Org taken from a report that outlines a study to determine where the polarization of views on climate change came from. The Authors of the paper say that funding for the contrarian side of the debate is coming from corporations that are affected by the efforts to limit climate change.

Sociologist suggests corporate disinformation at root of climate change polarization

Bill Gill
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Re: What is fueling the climate change debate - 01/08/16 07:52 PM

I'm not sure that this is on topic, but there was nothing else in this thread, so it seemed a reasonable place to put it.

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Re: What is fueling the climate change debate - 01/09/16 03:59 AM

Well, there is some question as to whether we should define a geologic era based on ourselves. It strikes some people as hubris. As I understand it the geologic eras were originally defined based on significant changes in the rock strata found around the world. The biggest changes would have been the fossils found in the rocks. I don't know that we are creating that big a change in the planet. And then there are some people who say that the idea of calling the current era the Anthropocene is more political than scientific.

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