World will end after that?

Posted by: emaad

World will end after that? - 11/10/08 07:23 PM

World will end after big bang experiment?If this is the case then why they are performing this experiment?..10000 scientists shud not risk the lives of whole mankind...... What are answers of these questions?

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Re: World will end after that? - 11/14/08 04:37 AM

maybe its mass suicide , and we just happen to be included.

and if its any consolation to you , it wouldnt just be the earth
that gets compressed infinetely into the forming black hole
it would be our solar system then any solar system between ours
and the black hole at the center of our galaxy.

because these two will attract each others mass due to there gravity.

this should happen quickly and although we will never see it
once the black hole begins there is nothing to stop it , so
you really shouldnt worry about it.

it may actually happen so fast that if you were looking up at the stars at night they would appear to scroll like the
begining of the star trek show...

but Im not sure if your brain would have time to process any of it.

besides the aliens wouldnt allow us to inflict such damage on this galaxy , unless they are from another galaxy far , far , away.

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Posted by: Zephir

Re: World will end after that? - 11/14/08 10:20 PM

Jekyll & Hyde of supersymmetry theory

The muon formation well outside of collider pipe may be related to recent pentaquark and tetraneutron evidence and it can demonstrate the stabilization of large matter clusters due the supersymmetry effects and danger of strangelet formation.

We can understand the dark matter, WIMPS and supersymmetry particles as surface tensions effects of gravitational field. At the case of large distances / energy densities the energy density of space-time curvature near large particle or galactic clusters can become a dominant force, because it manifests itself as a additional mass density of vacuum with antigravity effects.

In particular, the formation of tiny dense particle clusters can stabilize the exotic forms of matter due the hydrostatic pressure inside of tiny particle droplets like the neutrons inside of neutron stars or atom nuclei by such way, these droplets can escape from collider and they can start the avalanche conversion of normal matter to another strangelets.

The latests Fermilab results should serve as a very last warning of mainstream science community before high energy LHC experiments planned. The confirmation of supersymmetry could become a supersymmetric event for civilization as well: the best triumph of mainstream science and it's very last mistake at the same moment.
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Re: World will end after that? - 01/07/09 11:12 PM

What a load of drivel. They said the same thing about the Tevatron.
Posted by: Bill S.

Re: World will end after that? - 05/02/12 02:56 PM

How little has changed over the past 2 1/2 years! smile
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Re: World will end after that? - 05/02/12 10:26 PM

Another drivel thread resurrected? Oh, please, let it rest in peace.