Globalist Initiating Populaton Control in Europe?

Posted by: paul

Globalist Initiating Populaton Control in Europe? - 03/09/17 09:01 PM

Through the refusal to punish the imigrants in Europe or anywhere else in the World for the crimes they have and continue to commit in the many countries that have given the imigrants refuge from the conditions of their prior country the stage is quickly being set for what is being called an upcomming civil war in Europe.

I knew this would happen as I said in a earlier post that it appeared that they were being led to the slaughter by the intentional refusal to punish them for their crimes.

I was of course right about that...

the globalist scum bags want to reduce the population but they of course do not want to do it themselves directly so as usual they
create a scenario that causes discontent so that the armies of the world or the civilians of the world must take matters into their own hands or face a future that they do not want to be involved in.


this video will sort of lightly explain what each country that gives refuge or allows the immigrants refuge into their country can expect in the future as the immigrant population increases and surpasses that of their own.

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Re: Globalist Initiating Populaton Control in Europe? - 03/10/17 01:46 AM