Moon surface.

Posted by: Bill S.

Moon surface. - 01/01/17 11:42 AM

Paul, you’re getting so close to the “top poster” spot, I feel I should give you some encouragement.

If I remember rightly, you are a moon landing denier. This raises some interesting questions about your moon dust observation.

One step at a time, though.

Happy New Year to anyone still following SAGG.
Posted by: paul

Re: Moon surface. - 01/08/17 03:35 PM


only 37 post to go !

and it will be a tie with Dan Morgan.

but if I post another then that would cause me to have something
else to lose ...

Im afraid that old SAGG is slipping away like many of its members
have over time , and it may be partly my fault because people
dont seem to want to face the reality of science and the things
that science teaches as being reality.

most just want to go with the flow of lies and deceit that has
become the foundation of science.

science has become a shelter from reality where students of science
can feel safe and secure in anything that they perceive science
to be as they independently explore science using the tools they
have been given by science.

Posted by: Bill S.

Re: Moon surface. - 01/08/17 09:07 PM

Aha! People enjoying Rising temperatures, or just toasting their butts? smile
Posted by: paul

Re: Moon surface. - 01/12/17 06:07 PM

LOL, taking a second look at this it sort of looks like they are
practicing a proper stance for the cap and trade taxes or whatever
that everyone will have to pay in addition to what they already pay

thats just the way that companies pass their operating cost on to
the consumers.

they dont want to think about it or even see it coming so they
keep their heads firmly planted in the sand and keep their rear ends
in a easily accessible location waiting for the shaft.