News update

Posted by: Bill S.

News update - 11/24/16 05:12 PM

Hi folks. I,ve not vanished, but have been in Hosp for over a week. Pleased to report some improvement,but likely to be here for a few more days.
Currently trying to master my daughter's tablet. IF I can manage that, I might find something vaguely scientific to post.
Best wishes to all SAGGers.
Bill S.
Posted by: paul

Re: News update - 11/28/16 01:05 AM

I'm Sorry to hear that your in the hospital and
I hope you can recover from what ever it is that put
you there.

unless ... theres other things just keeping you there !!!



it could be worse.

Posted by: Bill S.

Re: News update - 11/28/16 09:48 AM

As is so often the case, reality lurks somewhere between the two. smile
I'm pleased to say I'm improving. May be discharged today, but will probably be toting an oxygen cylinder about for a while.
Thanks for the kind thoughts.
Posted by: paul

Re: News update - 11/28/16 06:11 PM

soooo its like

dont worry , if they dont let you out today its because they
found a workaround with your insurance or benefits.

but when you think about it if all nurses looked like
the first one ... who could justify leaving?
Posted by: Bill S.

Re: News update - 11/29/16 09:35 AM

Latest discharge date, 5th Dec. Out for Xmas?
Posted by: paul

Re: News update - 11/30/16 03:24 AM

so they did find some more insurance money somewhere...

anyway , when you do get out , your going to want to stay warm
and the air you breath will need to be warm and dry / not damp.

not cold and damp.

wouldnt want you to have to go back in any time soon.

an air de-humidifier in your room will help.
even if your on oxygen a cold damp room can drain your
energy , energy that your recovering body can put to better

and get one with an active carbon filter.

I certainly hope the nurses are not turning your room temperatures
down at night to 55F the way they do over here so that they can stay comfortable.

also I dont know how old you are or whats wrong with you but
chicken noodle soup is always a really good treatment when
I get to feeling bad , I mostly just get rid of it the same
day but sometimes I wait a few days to let my body build up
its own defenses / antibodies to whatever it is.

you have an imagination , put it to use.

make lemonade with those lemons...
Posted by: Bill S.

Re: News update - 12/01/16 02:42 PM

I'm 76 with an interstitial lung disorder, currently exacerbated by a nasty infection.

I'm sharing a ward with 5 other men, and when I look around, I'm convinced that I'm the lucky one.
Posted by: paul

Re: News update - 12/01/16 07:29 PM

that doesnt sound like fun.

you need to be taking caprylic acid , heres an article
from pub med that contains currently used treatments
and caprylic acid is shown in several forms to treat
upper respriratory infection.

I know first hand that doctors normally will not
use any treatments that are not within SOP and caprylic acid
is an over the counter treatment and cure for many of
the illnesses and diseases that are mostly controlled
with prescription drugs , but infections are becomming
more and more uncontrolable or treatable due to immunities
so there may be an option available in a repackaged form
of caprylic acid that a medicine manufacturer can provide
to a hospital.

also: if your coughing then the other 5 in the room
may be exposed to the air born particles that would
have the bacteria that is causing your infection.

it doesnt matter what the infection is the caprylic acid
will kill the bacteria that causes it.

ask you doctor about it , but talk to your family before you
ask your doctor.

its safe , all natural , made from these things.

Posted by: Bill S.

Re: News update - 12/02/16 08:29 AM

Thanks Paul. If I remember rightly from our goat keeping days,caprylic acid is octinoic acid, which is beneficial for a range of things. Perhaps I should go back to drinking goats milk.
Posted by: paul

Re: News update - 12/02/16 09:54 PM

you might have to drink loads of goats milk to reap
the caprylic acid benefits vs the benefits in a
single caprylic acid capsule.

in fact they might have to strap a goat over the top of
your bed and just leave it there all day ... haha

what ever works best , I take it you guys cant buy
caprylic acid in the U.K. due to regulations or something
so the goat senario may be the only option.

ummmmm baaaaaaa

baaaaaaa biiiiiiii
Posted by: paul

Re: News update - 12/02/16 10:12 PM

or maybe theres a milk maid service in the U.K.

that delivers ...
Posted by: Bill S.

Re: News update - 12/04/16 10:33 AM

Hmm; the goats are less disturbing, and, probably less likely to attract attract understandably critical comments from AR11.
Posted by: Bill S.

Re: News update - 12/05/16 06:47 PM

Saw Consultant earlier. His parting comment was: Fingers crossed for tomorrow. So it looks as though I might be on my way, at last.
Posted by: Bill S.

Re: News update - 12/11/16 02:08 AM

Discharged Thurs p.m. Good to be home, but sorry to see that science seems to be sagging on SAGG.