Citizens Take A Stand Against Criminal gangs

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Citizens Take A Stand Against Criminal gangs - 02/03/16 05:56 PM

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I don't see how this topic relates to anything remotely scientific. This is a social issue. BLM lands have been property of the federal government since the west was settled. I am appalled at the use of fire to burn off the grazing land at this time of year, but the fact is that the ranchers have not fulfilled their part of the bargain and have over-grazed the land to the point that native wildlife can't be sustained. I think if you dig deep enough you'll find that there is another side to this besides the weeping-heart ranchers.
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Re: Citizens Take A Stand Against Criminal gangs - 02/15/16 12:31 PM

well now that the land has been burnt the native
wildlife those that were not burned alive by the
criminal land grabbing gangs might sustain somewhere
else , if they can still walk or somehow crawl or limp
to a nearby area that still has life sustaining plants
and vegetation that hasn't yet been burned by the criminal
land grabbing BLM gangs , wildlife has a habit of finding
food even when criminals burn their habitat to teach
ranchers a lesson.

I think if you will dig deeper you will begin to see the
criminal activity.

the farmers and ranchers and just land owners in my state
do controlled burns all the time , to prevent small fires
from becoming large fires and from coming onto their land.

from what I understand these people had applied for permission
to do a controlled burn from their local and state governments
and were approved.

yet they were arrested for arson...

and one of the videos that I posted a link to not the one
that shows the ambush and killing of one of the protesters
on the FBI video has a portion in it that states that
there is or was a eye witness that saw a BLM fire starter
lighting a fire on BLM property.

what I got from that was ...

the BLM saying we want this land so were going to
heavily fine you to run you off of the property we want
or imprison you for something that we did.

I know that sounds a little bit untrusting of the government
but I call a snake a snake even if its dressed up like a
knight in shinning armor.